Top 6 Benefits of Switching to SAP Fiori

Top 6 Benefits of Switching to SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is an intuitive, user-friendly interface, built to simplify and coordinate the various SAP products into an easy-to-use experience. Many organizations are considering a switch to Fiori but are concerned about the amount of work required to make the transition.

Software implementation consultants can be integral to making the business case for change, determining the right solution, and managing the process effectively. In other words, the right consultant can take the pain out of the process.

Here are some of the key benefits that SAP Fiori can bring to your organization.

Improved productivity

SAP Fiori has more than 1,000 applications available, right out of the box. Apps can be configured from Fiori Launchpad, which serves as a single point of access. This means you save time and resources in system set-up and getting users working in applications quickly. Fiori allows users to access multiple databases across multiple applications, reducing the need to switch between applications. Because Fiori offers a highly intuitive, mobile-ready platform, users have more opportunity to work where and when they have the time.

Increased adoption of technology

The SAP Fiori interface is well designed and allows for easier access to the apps and data that users need on a day-to-day basis. The simplicity of the design gives users a familiar experience, one that they might associate with other apps on their mobile devices or desktop computers. This familiarity helps to drive adoption of new technology, since users have already been working with similar interfaces and actions.

Decreased training costs

When users are already familiar with the technology, they’re going to be less likely to require intense training. It goes without saying that decreased training means decreased training costs. Because SAP Fiori provides a consistent design across all applications, users won’t have to re-learn a new SAP product, now or in the future.

Mobile-ready advantages

Fiori operates consistently across all types of devices so that users will have the same experience on their laptops or desktops, tablets or smartphones. This also means less stress and cost incurred by the IT departments having to manage multiple platforms. Deployment of new changes to software solutions become far less risky. Changes are immediately pushed out to all devices, reducing the chances of something going wrong. With Fiori, your users can continue to rely upon the dependability of their mobile apps, and your organization can be more confident in bringing new tools into your SAP eco-system.

Optimizing existing investments in SAP products

SAP Fiori can provide a single point of access to multiple SAP products. By combining features of Fiori Launchpad and Fiori’s Viewport concept, your users can get their information faster and the whole experience is more enjoyable. With the Viewport concept, the desktop can be expanded to the left and to the right. Important tasks are visible on the right, and users can easily move the Viewport to the right to get the complete list of tasks. These tasks can include actions to directly process workflow items belonging to different Lines of Businesses within a range of SAP Products. On the left, users can enter the Me Area and access recently used apps, as well as several menu entries for personalizing their user experience.

Providing role-based user experiences

When users are confronted with buttons, menus, and other information that is not relevant to their job duties or current task, it can lead to confusion and frustration. With SAP Fiori, users can be assigned an experience based upon their job type, job level, you name it. Again, a better user experience encourages adoption of technology and can reduce the amount of training required.

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