Absence Compliance Tracker

Maintain compliance with State legislation with Absence Compliance Tracker.

Compliance with a Mouse-click

Managing leaves and maintaining compliance can be a difficult task. WorkForce Software Absence Compliance Tracker provides managers quick access to the information they need to track tasks, documents and due dates for leave events with automated enforcement of local and national rules. The solution supports regulatory updates ensuring your organization’s leave rules will always be compliant with current rules, regardless of the introduction of new employee leave legislation and policies.

Expect More

When you partner with GroupeX, you’ll have the confidence in knowing that the linkages between employee data and compliance remain current and effective. Our experts can ensure that your solution remains up-to-date, help you reduce risk and enable you to get the most from your solution over time.

Ask GroupeX About Absence Compliance Tracker

Among the top features this module presents, are:

  • Checking leave type and eligibility directly from employee data
  • Tracking active cases from initial request through return-to-work authorization
  • Accessing documents that detail specific policies or legislation
  • Following a simple questionnaire to determine eligibility of leave request
  • Creating a transparent system to empower employees and improve retention

Learn how to streamline compliance

​In this product brochure, you’ll learn how Absence Compliance Tracker by Workforce Software can manage all aspects of employee leave policies and practices with incredible efficiency.

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