Absence Management

Easy, accurate attendance management

Workforce Dimensions Absence Management module is designed to provide an enhanced understanding of the patterns of employee attendance, the direct and indirect costs of absenteeism, and the impact of absenteeism on productivity.

GroupeX UKG professionals can partner with you to design an Absence Management solution that is right for your employees’ unique needs.

  • Allow employees and managers to make leave edits and add leave time through the schedule
  • Prevent ineligible paid time off through real-time accrual balances and streamlining of leave-of-absence processes
  • Standardize, automate, and streamline administration and enforcement of leave policies to avoid non-compliance and ensure that policies are applied fairly across the organization
  • Auto-trigger configured rewards or disciplinary actions to make attendance management fair and objective
  • Track and log all events associated with disciplinary and reward scenarios in detail for compliance and backup
  • Provide complete visibility to managers with out-of-the-box reports for attendance and leave data
  • Attach and edit documents and leave cases on a mobile device
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