Advanced Scheduler

Manage complex schedules with ease.

Simplify Your Complex Scheduling

WorkForce Software Advanced Scheduler is designed to make a manager’s job easier and improve the workforce experience for employees. The system can auto-generate employee schedules with the push of a button, which means that there is far more security and reliability for everyone at your organization. You can maximize your workforce performance by managing labor utilization, cost and productivity. Decrease labor costs, overtime hours and overstaffing with a simple-to-use interface that matches staff schedules with employee preferences, required skills and more.

Expect More

GroupeX is one of the only SIs in the industry with the skill-set to implement the full suite of WorkForce Software products, across continents and numerous industries. You can be confident with integration and data accuracy of employee schedules and data. What’s more, we can help you analyze this data to create even more efficient processes and enable better decision-making.

Ask GroupeX About Advanced Scheduler

This tool can streamline the scheduling process and help your organization in many ways, including:

  • Allowing employees to bid on jobs or vacation time
  • Reducing the number of vacant shifts while being compliant with canvassing requirements
  • Quickly adjusting to changes in business needs

Take a look under the hood of Advanced Scheduler

​Learn how Advanced Scheduler can help your organization decrease overtime costs and reduce overstaffing. As well, you can seamlessly adjust your staffing levels and shift patterns to align with ever-evolving business demands.

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