Analytics & Information Access

Information that becomes insight

Workforce Dimensions makes all operational data available to you, along with powerful tools for real-time visualization and reporting. With workforce data and analytics embedded in the same platform, operational users now have access to actionable visualizations and KPIs.

GroupeX consultants can show you how to fully leverage leading-edge analytics capabilities and bring operational data to life.

  • Provide managers with real-time access to all operational data through Dataviews
  • Enable managers to find the root cause of problems with actionable insights via interactive reports that highlight where issues and opportunities exist
  • Build in your businesscritical metrics with KPI Builder for further insight into your organization’s performance against business goals and objectives
  • Simplify data access for business users via ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Sort, filter, group and drill down at any level of organizational detail with Dataviews displayed in a familiar Excel-like format— no need to learn a new tool
  • Make embedded analytics available to all users, not just business analysts
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