Change Management

Supporting your organization throughout the entire process.

Integrated Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Change Management can be an important component of a large-scale HCM software implementation. The right implementation partner will promote meaningful adoption of new software and processes across stakeholders, proactively manage risk, and maintain focus on benefit realization.

By integrating Change Management from the start, GroupeX can:

  • Increase awareness, understanding and likelihood of solution acceptance
  • Prepare employees for potential changes in processes, controls, and procedures
  • Engage staff in the delivery of systems, training, and tools
  • Manage and minimize disruption to all stakeholders during transition
  • Maintain sponsorship throughout the project life cycle and beyond
  • Provide open communication channels and guidance to those directly impacted by the change

Experience Matters

We can provide training accelerators (templates and material) and lessons learned from many previous implementations to speed up the process and smooth the transition to a new HCM solution.

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