Fatigue Management

To enable employee heath and safety compliance programs.

Software for Safety

There is a growing case for the management of worker fatigue in industries where safety compliance, insurance liability and public relations are key concerns. An effective worker fitness and fatigue management program requires reliable and oftentimes, live data. Fatigue Management by WorkForce Software provides everything you’ll need to manage your employees towards safe behavior on the job.

Expect More

Our team has a tremendous amount of experience with the entire WorkForce Software Suite and particularly, Fatigue Management. Some of our key members were part of the team that developed the module in the first place. This means that your organization has access to, and can benefit from, the most knowledgeable consultants in the industry.

Ask GroupeX About Fatigue Management

Learn how Fatigue Management empowers your organization to oversee and maintain a safe and healthy workforce, including:

  • Configuring company-specific “fitness-for-duty” profiles
  • Flagging employees who are at risk of becoming fatigued or non-compliant to your profile
  • Adapting the parameters of your policy quickly and easily
  • Generating detailed reports for audits, insurance claims and employees

Helping you reduce employee fatigue in the workplace

Get a more detailed look at how Fatigue Management by WorkForce Software can help you improve safety ​and compliance. This important tool will allow you to:

  • Identify sources of fatigue
  • Monitor and manage fatigue
  • Provide documentation and audit trails

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