Schedules that deliver bottom line results

The Workforce Dimensions Scheduling solution takes the guesswork out of scheduling and enables your organization to build schedules that utilize the right resources for the appropriate amount of time.

When it comes to scheduling and fatigue management solutions, GroupeX professionals are the experts in making sure that your solution accurately aligns staff coverage with fluctuating business needs and helps to eliminate overstaffing and unanticipated overtime pay.

Our UKG practice can help you to build a Scheduling solution that will ensure the right number of employees in the right job at the right time.

  • Ensure employees get enough rest between and during shifts so they don’t burn out
  • Project actual hours worked in real-time and make proactive schedule adjustments using alerts
  • Schedule effective teams with a mix of employee skills and experience
  • Enforce company policies, labour laws, and union rules through automated schedule generation
  • Avoid safety violations by scheduling employees with the right skills and certifications for the job
  • Empower employees with complete self-service capabilities on any device, anywhere
  • Allow workers to define shift preferences and availability
  • Perform all scheduling and staffing capabilities on any mobile device
  • Analyze trends, projections, and productivity measurements that proactively identify schedule inefficiencies
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