Time and Attendance

360-degree view of your Time and Attendance System.

Insightful Time Tracking for Better Decision-making

Regardless of the diversity and scale of your workforce, WorkForce Software’s Time and Attendance module allows you to confidently track and trace every employee, while providing valuable transparency. With real time data analysis and time and labor validation, you’ll encounter fewer errors and improved compliance with local, state/provincial, and country-specific labor laws. Integration with ERP, payroll and core HR systems means that data is reliable and accessible and will result in accurate reporting for audits or business analysis.

Expect More

Our specialty is WorkForce Software, which means that you get a system that just works. What’s more, Time and Attendance data is securely integrated with other modules in the WorkForce Software suite, as well as third-party systems. Our team has the experience to build a solution that does what you want, and when you want it done.

Ask GroupeX About Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance can be tailored to your organization for optimal results, such as:

  • Enabling 360-degree insight into all employee positions and timesheets
  • Supporting employees who work in multiple jobs or report to multiple managers
  • Facilitating project or activity-based costing with ease
  • Tracking and enforcing distance pay rates and rules by position

A Brief Overview of an Implementation Project

​This infographic gives you a general idea what you’ll experience when you implement a Time and Attendance solution from WorkForce Software. This methodology applies to most typical implementation projects, but can differ based upon your unique business requirements. Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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Get to know Time & Attendance a bit better

Learn how SAP Time & Attendance Management by WorkForce Software can reduce costs and increase organizational efficiencies. Sophisticated tools allow you to:

  • Automate pay rules for all employees without custom code
  • Validate time and labor in real time
  • Integrate with ERP, payroll, and core HR systems

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