UKG Workforce Dimensions

Workforce Dimensions is a next-generation workforce solution that offers any-device access, optimal user experience, analytics, compliance, and more. Not only does the solution provide a leading-edge user experience and operational insight like never before, you can also access a consistent experience from any device, streamline workforce management practices, and work in a Modern Cloud environment that leverages new technologies and works seamlessly with your existing systems.

Expect More

GroupeX brings significant Time and Attendance experience and Software as a Service (SaaS) expertise to your Workforce Dimensions landscape.

We can help you leverage all that Workforce Dimensions has to offer.

  • Automate routine management decisions through Workforce Advisor. The system is designed to constantly learn and improve to help solve increasingly complex problems for managers each day.
  • Prevent problems before they happen with real-time compliance management. Workforce Dimensions provides visibility into possible compliance risks with real-time projections.
  • Access data through Workforce Dimensions Dataviews, which allows you to analyze data by employee, organization, and project using easy Excel-like functionality.

Why make the move to Workforce Dimensions?

Workforce Dimensions is built upon an intelligent cloud platform and delivers such industry firsts as:

  • A robust API and integration framework that provides extensibility and simplifies integration
  • Artificial intelligence that drives smart, predictive solutions
  • Fast in-memory cloud computing that offers immediate insight
  • A flexible domain model based on decades of workforce management experience
  • A unified information architecture that gives you complete data access for on-demand reporting and analysis

UKG Workforce Dimensions is in the Google public cloud, and leverages Google’s substantial investments in global infrastructure, security, and ongoing innovation.

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